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I’m sorry for the delay in my weekly post.  I was in Nashville for an insurance convention from Sunday until yesterday afternoon.  If the insurance industry wants to dispel the myth that all agents are party animals, they might want to consider removing the Bloody Mary stands in the corners of the convention hall that were serving at 7 am on a Monday.

But I digress…….

Hey, so much for that call to action last week, huh?!??!?!?!  I watched the game finish at 11:40 pm, and the ole Skyhawks picked up a much needed victory!  But I was reminded very quickly just where we rank with the citizens, and employees, of Martin and the University as I sat in a local restaurant for lunch on Friday.  I listened as four people, two of which were UTM graduates/employees talk about how someone shouldn’t be rooting for the University of Texas because “they never even lived there.”  I found that rather interesting because said person is the kind of person I was talking about last week.  That person who never attended school in Knoxville, never applied, never been in Knoxville on a Monday, and didn’t show up to their alma mater’s game the night before.  To be honest, I’ve never even seen them at a UT Martin game.  I’ve just about come to the conclusion that this isn’t a battle worth fighting, and that it takes a higher order of thinking to buy into what I’m selling.

But I digress…..

So you’re sitting there saying, “Dang Hatler, you sure are grouchy today!”  Why yes, yes I am.  After all, today, October 15th, is National Grouch Day.  One thing I can’t stand is when you ask someone, “How’s it going?” and they respond with a sigh, and use some variation of “I’m ok”.  Listen, I get it.  Some days that is all we are is just “ok”, and that is a very appropriate answer.  Sometimes, we just need someone to listen to our story.  However, if that is ALWAYS your response, the reason you are just “ok” might be your crappy attitude.

It’s just like people who can’t let go of something, who ALWAYS try to make their plight the focal point of every……single…… conversation.  That is the height of narcissistic behavior……….and this comes from someone who is so arrogant they write a blog and expect people to read it.

Life is a team sport that requires a positive attitude and an enormous amount of individual effort.

I always loved those shirts we would print in my sporting good’s days that read “There is no “I” in “TEAM”” , and shirts that had a large TEAM and smaller “me” below.   The coach that ordered that shirt for their players, and actually lived it in his/her life, were the ones that were most successful.

A true team fights for the greater good, regardless of the obstacles.  On a team, each individual must give max effort to successfully accomplish their object.  Life is a team sport because it takes a group of highly functioning individuals the entirety of a season to complete their goals.  When one player is not pulling their weight, enduring hardships, or having trouble grasping team concepts, it is the job of the rest of the team to help.

Brandon Gray, the head football coach in Adamsville, Tennessee, was one of those coaches.  He printed thousands of shirts that read “FAMILY”  on the front.  He treats his team like a true family, and he lives it.  This is a guy who turned a basketball town into a football community in 18 months, and has two state championship game appearances to show for it.  He leads by example.

On a team, you must have good leaders.  Good leaders also have one attribute.  At some point in time, they were good followers.  I have rarely met anyone, with any level of success, that was unable to take marching orders.

Good leaders know that everyone has a seat on the bus, and puts them in the best position (seat) to be successful.

Good teammates understand that you try, with all of your ability, to complete the task laid before you, regardless of if you agree with the leaders philosophy or not.

Not being a grouch, and having a good, positive attitude helps us lead a life that is indicative of a true team effort.

Life is a team sport…….never let it be said that, when our game is over, that we ever put “me” above “TEAM”


3 thoughts on “Changes in Latitude”

  1. Hatler,
    This is your best one yet and it is so true. So many people go thru life mad at the world and just in a bad mood all the time! Life is like a sport if we would play it like this I believe people generally would enjoy it much more!

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