Hurry Up!

Santa Turkey

Man what a weekend!!!  There was nothing cooler than getting to sit in the media box at halftime, and talk about how well our boys played against the #1 team in the country!  But I have to be totally honest, I felt like a complete hypocrite.  What started as color commentary for local high school football, has turned out to be more than I had ever hoped.  Now, I’m sitting here at halftime with the voice of the Skyhawks, Chris Brinkley, and he is asking me what we have to do in the second half to get touchdowns on the scoreboard, and I get to talking.  Why do I feel like a hypocrite???  I never played a down of football, and I grew up in football country.  It is blasphemy to be a male in the state of Texas and never play a down of organized football.  There’s a perfectly good explanation for that.

But I digress…..

I’m at my wits end with all this Christmas crap out already.  We haven’t even finished eating the candy from Halloween, and people are putting their trees up.  I refuse to even go in the attic until the day after Thanksgiving.

I’m still fighting the urge not to eat 14 mini Heath bars at one time, sweating the details on how I’m going to combat the 87 lbs of turkey I’m going to consume in two weeks, and the grocery store has eggnog and boiled custard already.  Really????  REALLY????

Of course the real problem are those delectable Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes.  I swear, if I see those before November 27th, I’m going to have a come apart.  I’m back on Operation Skinny Hatler, and those things are the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

But I digress…..

But not really….I got to wondering why are we in such a hurry to move to the next thing, and not enjoy what is right in front of us.  Why are we forcing our children to be All-Star athletes at seven years old, instead of riding bikes, playing checkers, going fishing, playing dress up and going to tea parties?

Why are we living through our children, and not with our children?

God knew what he was doing when he made me the father of two precious girls.  I’d be even worse if I had boys.

This was solidified for me Friday night after Westview High School finished ANOTHER eight win season.   People were so upset after losing in the first round of the TSSAA play-offs to a very good Milan team.  Keep in mind that the Chargers graduated a ton of talent last year, lost some players over the summer, and suffered some injuries late in the year. Coach Coady has averaged eight wins a year during his tenure at Westview….eight….

Despite that, fans, commentators, and parents  want to question everything……EVERYTHING.  Who played, who didn’t, why they schemed Milan this way, how come they called this play, how come he didn’t play that freshman that had such a good junior varsity season.

I’ll answer: Because he’s better, because they thought that was the best way to win, because that is their best play, and that freshman is 14 years old, and that 5′ 11″, 200 lb senior bowling ball running back that he’s going to have to tackle is on the backside of 18.

Eight wins…..EIGHT.

But all that is lost on the outcome of one single game.    Somewhere along the way the enjoyment of the eight wins that got the Chargers to the play-offs was lost.  Lost in the shuffle was seeing those young men get better and better every single week.

The fans were so looking forward to heading to next week’s game, that the joy of the one in front of them slipped by.

I’m scared to death that’s going on in all of our lives right now.   I wish I could spray some growth stunting chemical on both of the girls and keep them right here, the way they are right now.

But I can’t.

If their mother and I don’t watch it, those softball practices, ballet recitals, school, basketball skills camps, and piano practices are going to sneak up on us, and blow right past.  I want to enjoy their growth, help them rebound from their set backs, and celebrate their successes.

Most importantly, I want to enjoy being their daddy…..

I’m crying now, and I need some comfort food.  I wonder if I can find some Christmas Tree cakes.



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