But Dad, It’s not my fault!!

Hot wings

You all sure are a bunch of smarty pants.  I make one little statement about Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, and my Facebook page, text message inbox, and even office are full of those scrumptious delicacies.  Never mind that I’ve struggled enough this month by eating the Turkey and Dressing sub 10 of the last 17 days at Sammies.  I blame Todd Hampton and Lisa Laderman for that.

But I digress….

Today was a real eye opener for me.  I busted a button on my pants.  I did this AFTER I ate one of those smores cookies, AFTER I had that Turkey and Dressing sandwich for the third day in a row.  If it not for that  meal, I’d still have a my favorite khakis at my disposal.  Good thing my mom taught me how to sew buttons on garments.

But I digress….

I’ve been taken aback by what I’ve witnessed this week, and it started before Monday night.  Earlier that day, I visited a correctional institution, and laughed, watching and listening to, what I assumed, were regulars.  They knew the ins and outs of how to navigate around the jail cell with ease.  How much it would cost to post bail, the documents required, and the time frame in which to get what they needed.

I once had a young man who was complaining about always being “picked on” by the police, and how he always seemed to get in trouble.  He always seemed to get into trouble when he was at the bar.  He asked how he could avoid trouble, I told him to change his playground.  “But Mr. Hatler, all my friends are there.”  My suggestion to him was maybe he needed to find new friends on a new playground.   But it wasn’t his fault that trouble found him, he was always just in the wrong place at the wrong time…..every….single…..time…..excuses.

Excuses…we all have them.  You know the old saying…we all have them, and most of them stink.

Excuses, we even heard them Saturday night and Sunday after the Vols lost a heartbreaker to Missouri.  If I heard/read one person say the off sides, on the on sides kick, “cost us the game” once, I heard it 100 times.


As Kevin Ward stated, after his Crockett County Cavaliers spectacular season came to an end on a tough play, “you never win the game on the first play of the game, and you never lose it on the last.”

I once had a college professor that “gave” me a ‘D’ all three times I took his class.  Of course, it wasn’t my fault, it was the professor’s.  After trying to explain this to my dad, he looked at me and said, “Son, in police work, it’s called a clue.  There is obviously something you’re doing that causes you to earn that grade.  How about let’s stop taking his classes, or, better yet, change your behavior.”

Good advice indeed……

It is just like my “weight problem” and the button that turned into a projectile today.  If I want to eat at the best sandwich shop around, I better get back in the gym.

If our children have smart mouths, it’s not the TV’s fault, it’s ours.

When your team loses, it’s not the one penalty that cost them the game, it’s the five bad plays they had throughout the game.

If your child gets sent to ISS because you told them to disrespect the teacher, it’s not the teacher’s fault.

When you get pulled over for speeding and the “cop was hiding”, it’s not he police officer’s fault, it’s yours.

If an adult whips around in the movie theater and tells your kid to quit kicking the back of their seat, don’t look at them like they have the problem.

Let’s look around and see what we have to be thankful for, instead of excuses for the things we don’t have.

My family wishes you and yours a Merry Thanksgiving!

I hope the Browns have hot wings.

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